Peter Grillet

Hi, I’m Peter Grillet

I’m a London based Digital Marketing Consultant, I help SME’s grow by using simple but highly effective digital marketing techniques. I am also well known for being a King of Monopoly.

What are you here for…?


My work…

My Background

I have quite a random background which explains some of my thought process and how I got here. I don’t go into a huge amount of detail but it’s interesting…


My Company

I’m the founder of a Digital Marketing Agency based in north London called Armoury 6. We equip SMEs with awesome websites then drive targeted traffic to them.


Side Projects

Have a look at what I’m working on when hidden behind my laptop and not doing client stuff. (Hint: It’s gong to be digital marketing related.)


My thoughts and notes?

I’ve decided to publish my thoughts on Productivity, Business, Life, Investing… I’m not sure what it’s going to lead to and truth be told I haven’t got a solid direction for it yet. I’ve just got a few things to share that I think others who intend to start businesses will find useful…

…or my contact details?

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